Winter Garden with a new camera

I’ve just purchased a(nother) new camera, the Sony RX100M6. I wanted something with a big sensor for higher quality images, and a reasonable zoom – but I also wanted light and easy to carry. I found the “this years model” RX100M7 available and learned that there’s few differences over last year – and I found last year available “pre-owned” at BorrowLenses for a great half price (free, fast shipping too).

So today I took the new camera on my early morning walk around town and took various photos to test out the image quality and zoom capability. While it’s nothing like my high-zoom Nikon, it’s a third the weight and a much bigger sensor … and I found the photos to be great quality even though it was early (about sunrise) so not yet bright. Here then an assortment of photos:

Above a store near the downtown water fountain (with Queens Wreath still / always in bloom) there’s some “stained glass” windows – I photo’ed them at both ends of the camera zoom range (with the close-ups then cropped) …

Further on my walk, past City Hall and the beautiful hanging baskets nearby, and the recently arrived “butterfly” in a new garden area not yet open: