Three cats!

Margaret recently decided it had been long enough with no cat in our home, and arranged to visit two “rescue” cats nearby (through Candy Cats); there was a pair who had to be adopted together … we then learned that the pair had been outdoor strays and had had a litter of kittens, with just one now left un-adopted … of course it ended up that we adopted all three! Here they are being collected:

Top left is the boy “Jack Jack”; top right is the easily scared and very fluffy girl “Jenny” (called “Jill” when we picked them up, but Margaret renamed her) … bottom left is the kitten “Flora”.

Here are the three a week later, when they were settled enough to be out and about – very much favoring Margaret (maybe because she feeds them?!):

And here’s an assortment of all three of them, over the last month …

By now, some five weeks since we picked them up, Jenny is still scared of many things (including standing up, and shoes!) while Jack Jack and Flora are bothered by very little … no doubt they will be keeping us busy for a long time.