Galapagos 2021

Links to each daily post:

Day 0: Quito

Day 1: Arriving in Santa Cruz, Bachas Beach, Crabs, Iguanas

Day 2: Genovesa Island, Sea Lions, Boobies, Frigate Birds

Day 3: Plazas Islands, Sea Lions, Marine Iguanas, Snorkeling

Day 4: Santa Fe climb to Blue Footed Boobies, Dolphins, Sea Lions

Day 5: San Cristobal, Saddleback Tortoises, Snorkeling with Sea Lions, Walking with Sea Lions

Day 6: Espaneola Island Christmas Iguanas, Albatrosses

Day 7: Floreana Island Kayaking, Flamingos, Final Snorkeling

Day 8: The end, with Giant Tortoises