Sanaa with animals

It’s been more than two years (before the pandemic) since we last went to Sanaa; Disney closed it for a long time along with the parks and most everything, and in the recent months everything is always booked up; but today by some luck we got a 2pm slot for lunch, and headed down.

The Sanaa menu has shrunk every time we visit, but it still has the breads course we love (various Indian breads with a wide range of dips) – when we first visited this was about $9, and it’s now more than double that price, but still enjoyable. We got samosas too. I’d hoped to have the fabulous “candy bar” dessert but it’s no longer on the menu. However when I mentioned it, our server said it was still available “off menu”, and I was VERY happy!

Outside there’s a walkway that leads to a viewpoint – we didn’t see any Giraffe this time, but there were a few Zebra and other African animals to see …