Hurricane Ian

I first took notice of the then not-even-tropical-storm a week ago, when the future path from way east and south in the Atlantic was first predicted to head for Florida:

Over the next days the path prediction headed further west away from Florida, and back east; even a day before, they couldn’t predict if it would make landfall at Tampa Bay or elsewhere …

As we know Hurricane Ian eventually made landfall near Cape Coral and was EXTREMELY DESTRUCTIVE!

As it destroyed property on the Gulf Coast, we began to feel it’s effects here with wet and windy weather, on Wednesday … overnight into Thursday, about 1am we lost power …

Throughout Thursday Hurricane Ian slowly crossed Florida, delivering windy wet weather and preventing any power repairs … the winds were bad for a few of our plants but we escaped with no damage (although fencing was blown down next-door):

We spent Thursday night with candles and no power – and the power was still off this morning …

I took a walk downtown and along the trail this morning; I saw one of probably many power company repair trucks – and two downed trees along the trail (one completely blocking the trail so I had to turn back):

Power returned to our home mid-morning; we had to throw away some of the freezer contents but had no damage – very thankful that we didn’t experience worse (I can’t imagine what residents near Cape Coral / Fort Myers / Sanibel / etc will do now) …

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