Iceland 2022 in the dark!

We headed back to Iceland to experience it in the winter – and we hoped to see aurora … but before that, here’s a lot of general views from our trip including of course many repeats from previous visits!

These views are from throughout the trip, starting with hints of sunrise about 9:30 in the morning! Sunrise wasn’t till after 10am and it was gone again shortly after 4pm – and when the sun was visible, it was really low in the sky; we would not want to live here throughout winter! There’s also a few pictures of a very icy morning drive when it was about -6c (21f) and very slippery (luckily there’s rarely other cars to deal with once you leave Reykjavik!)

We visited a power station; it was interesting to learn the multiple ways that energy is extracted from the hot Earth!

We visited hot springs nearby the power station (proof of all the heat in the Earth!):

We returned to Thingvellir (always worth visiting!):

And in Vik we visited a Lava Show where real lava is made (by melting down rocks from lava fields); it was amazingly hot when they poured the lava into the exhibit room! The last pic is of the furnace that takes about five hours to get the rock up to liquid temperature …

A few more posts follow …

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