Elephant Encounter

Today we headed 1-1/2 hours north to Two Tails Ranch to experience their “Extreme Encounter” which includes some “one on one” time with an Elephant! The tour began with a talk about Elephants in general and those at the ranch – it was a bit heavy with politics but we did learn some facts (for example African and Asian Elephants have different numbers of toes); we toured the rest of ranch (Tortoises, a Zebra, a Camel, and a family of Ring Tailed Lemurs) … then on to more Elephant-y experiences where we fed an Elephant, took photos with an Elephant, helped wash an Elephant and even had a ride on one! Overall the $200/person cost seemed well justified with the enjoyment we had here!

Some photos from the presentation (there are three female Elephants at the ranch):

Photos of not-Elephants:

Photos from the “extreme” encounter: feeding, riding, washing and close-up photos:

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