British Invasion 2006

This years British Invasion was blessed with a dry field (thanks to relocating) and good weather! And I was “blessed” with a second first place win, this year for GPMINI instead of GBMINI:

Competition this year was generally un-modified MINIs in class 11; many other British cars on the field too – apparently their best attendance ever at over 600! Loads of different marques, ages, etc:

British Invasion always spills over into Sunday with the Competition Of Colors, and more “fun” – again this year a “backseat driver” competition where the driver is blindfolded and the passenger calls out directions …

New for this year was the “Rats Cage” competition – an octagon cage where the car has to be driven in forward, turned around without touching the cage, and driven out; small cars had an advantage but Jason couldn’t quite succeed in his MINI:

This classic Mini managed the course in about 1-1/2 minutes and showed everyone that it could be done – and more importantly how it could be done). After that times got better and better, eventually down to 20s, though the longer sports car couldn’t do it, running out of time at 5 minutes:

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Jason has posted pics over on Flickr

10 thoughts on “British Invasion 2006

  1. Thanks Murray – it was fun (as always) but benefitted nicely from the better weather this year! Also nice to have Margaret come along again

  2. hey, how’d the Mercedes get in there? Was it a McLaren?

    Tough news about the windshield, at least our high insurance rates pay for a replacement w/ $0 deductible, eh?

  3. Yes indeed, it was an SLR McLaren….I was surprised to see it there, but looked nice. Congrats on the win Ian, although I think most people could have called that win ahead of time 🙂

  4. They announced something about the SLR being made in England, so it counted!

    Yes, my windshield should be covered – but I’ve had one claim (for GBMINI) already, wonder if they’ll get upset … and MoP apparently don’t do the PPG glass

  5. I thought it was a bit unnecessary that the MC gave you grief about winning the Class with a 4-week old car. He was a bit of a tosser IMHO – a few too many very strained “mother-in-law” jokes, although perhaps its me getting too PC these days having lived in Massachussets these last few years. A fun day, and the drive home Sunday down VT Route 100 to Keen NH was spectacular.

  6. I was surprised on Sunday to hear a majority of the class winners talk about how they bought their winning car within the last few years, had somebody else restore it, had somebody else detail it, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had someone else trailer it to Stowe. 🙂

    One winner said that they only wash the car once a year, for the show, implying that the rest of the year it sits protected inside some storage area. 😦

  7. Rob – I had the same crap last year from Chris, about GBMINI#3 which was then six months old. But they’re happy to extoll the virtues of brand new SLRs and Astons …
    They forget that our MINIs are driven every day, and enjoyed, not simply looked at – they’re asking for trouble next year, with Mini (or MINI?) as the featured marque …

  8. Snid – yes these show-only cars are often refered to as “trailer queens”. I drove my Triumph TR250 from Concord MA for the day – put in 450 miles on a 40 year old car for the weekend. And left the bug splats on the windscreen for the show so folks would know it. (BTW my other car is a Cooper S)


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