MTTS day 15 – on the track again

This morning, there were two GPMINIs at the hotel – George switched over his plates yesterday!

We headed off early to get to Lime Rock – but we started with some U-turns and a GPS plan to leap 40ft into the air to reach the highway!

Driving the track was fabulous – they paraded us around at 30mph which seemed a bit disappointing, but then we kept going and had two more laps, with maximum speeds between 50 and 55!

(thanks to Margaret for taking pics while I steered – it’s easier that way!)


Lunch was provided by MINI USA and we met many people from New England – back on home turf now!

And that, sadly, is the end … for now, anyway! But here’s some other pictures from the day:


And, after another long drive, GPMINI arrives home!

MTTS day 14 – large & small convoys

Todays drive from Washington DC to Jersey City started with us joining a group of up to 50 MINIs planning to do an “alternate” route drive …

But after a while we decided the pack was simply too big, so we switched routes and became a convoy of only two!

When we got to the Hyatt, new GPs delivered as part of the East Coast program were parked up, with happy owners buzzing around them (and the Hyatt is a nice hotel with a great view, too!):


And now, the Wrap Party – hopefully it will get quiet enough to hear what other people say!