The end of MTTS2012

Early Sunday morning, George drove us down to Malibu through some nice canyon roads, meeting Mark & Teresa for breakfast …

After breakfast we drove through Malibu to join the hundreds of other MINIs for the last morning of MINI Takes The States 2012:


More breakfast (which I didn’t need), and final speeches from MINI USA, with many thanks all round! Then came the water, but it all ended with a kiss …

(check out the license plate)

Very pleased to have joined George, Mark, Teresa, Todd, Debbie, Janet, Robert and all the MINI folks – Surely no other company in the world can create such fun for their customers!

Three GPs take the States

A fun day as a passenger in George’s GP0154, playing tag with Mark & Teresa in GP1996 and Todd & Debbie in GP0317; lots of pictures:


My Geek Odyssey

During MINI Takes The States 2010 there were some fabulous themed comic strips created over at My Geek Odyssey, featured by MINI Takes The States … After the event the original artworks were given to Ryans MINI Adventure and auctioned to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I bid for a few of the artworks and was lucky enough to get this one:

A very nice collectible – and a good cause too!

UPDATE: The artist, Bruce, very kindly sent me a high resolution version of the complete colored comic published by MINI Takes The States – thanks!