NCL cruise day 5, Costa Maya

In contrast to yesterday, todays port had only our “small” cruise ship – and really not anything else, not even a port town! We learned that some serious hurricanes had destroyed much of the area in the last ten years, even destroying the massive concrete dock – clearly most businesses have not returned, even at maximum zoom on my Sony camera, there’s nothing but trees!

Our trip today was some 50 miles, an hours coach ride, to Chaccoben mayan ruins, though we did stop at a very strange area for a few minutes; it seemed nothing more than the tour guides family garden, but I don’t know what it really was! Anyway, on to Chaccoben – these ruins are not as huge or spectacular as those you’ve seen on TV, but for being smaller they were perhaps easier to comprehend – it was quite clear how much work had been needed to create the level areas and the massive constructions!

All the structures are built on top of a huge raised area that itself is maybe 50ft above the floor of the jungle – all that area had to be built, an enormous amount of work; and then the “pyramids” built on top!

The last pictures show a small amount of the original colored plaster finish – the original constructions, in their smooth colored finish standing so high above the surrounding jungle, would have been truly awesome, I’m sure!

NCL cruise day 4, Belize

Waking this morning we found that we were no longer alone, with three other cruise ships joining us for this “tendered” day (no dock, so land is accessible via a fast 50 passenger boat which during it’s 15 minute journey was the only time I felt less than fine with the ocean!) …

What should be obvious is that the port now has about 10,000 visitors instead of the 2,000 or so on our ship; it made the day much more crowded and busy than we’d expected and rather spoiled things. But as we headed off for “cave tubing” we didn’t yet know that …

I’d imagined riding a tube down some underground river and seeing amazing rock formations, but the cave tubing experience was more of a “float in an underground lake” event; we first hooked up 16 people in their tubes, to travel as a single group through the pitch dark caves (hope you don’t mind some random persons feet tucked under your shoulders!)

There were some spectacular rock formations in the caves, and happily some of my waterproof camera photos came out ok:

NCL cruise day 3, Roatan

Our first port since leaving USA, we arrive at Roatan (an island of Honduras):

Today we took a trip to an “animal preserve” which had many black Iguanas, and the opportunity for photos with a parrot and a monkey!

Here’s some more photos, of the iguanas as well as the parrots and monkeys (from my Sony camera):


In the evening, after a very good dinner, we enjoyed live music, Glenn Miller style: