I hate this wintry weather!


Overnight rain turned to snow, giving slushy icy roads, with temperatures dropping further to an overnight low of 5f; GBMINI is coated in dirty snow, ice, and just looks terrible 😦

9 thoughts on “I hate this wintry weather!

  1. Glad I’m not the only one…was tempted to wash today, but rain / 54f in the forecast for Thu….
    P.S. Ian got my “Up Circuit” yesterday, thanks!

  2. Josh, Yesterday MINI Peabody were not doing washes, because they were worried about the cars freezing up – water in the latch mechanism, etc.
    I think they had 5-10 cars come in yesterday with frozen doors 😦

  3. Ian, do you have front mud flaps? I just noticed although the rest of my car is covered with salt, my sides look nothing like yours (not to mention mine is BLACK). Well worth the $13.
    I didn’t mean head over to MOP today to wash. I just have this general need, I need to get wax on my newly-painted panels and can’t do that at a car wash place, where I would have to go at nighttime as it would take me an hour, then it would be too cold to dry. I really wish I had a garage!!

  4. Having been born hear in LA area I can’t imagine what you folks are going through…WOW 5f…no way! Sorry but I’d never leave the house. I’ve never been below 30f!
    More power to you folks.***RB

  5. Now living in the desert of SoCal I really miss the winter – it rarely gets below 75 during the day here. Though I think I’d be driving my Jeep in that kind of weather, let my MINI take a nice warm holiday in the garage.

  6. I went driving today and deliberately tested the tires on the plowed but still slippery roads around Gloucester – performance was reasonable and predictable.
    Acceleration encouraged DSC, but braking was good without the need for ABS to kick in.
    I am now happily confident in GBMINIs poor weather performance.

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