MINI Peabody with Theo

I should have posted this on Monday night, but I was busy – then I forgot … oh well, I am sure no-one is bothered!
On Monday, Theo was at MINI Peabody to have his MINI upgraded with the JCW. I organized with local MINI owners to meet up there and have lunch – but the weather prevented most people coming, but of course Theo was there, and most of his MINI(!)

Dave did the JCW upgrade – here he is (on the left) with Gary:

Jeff (BakerJC), Jared (PezBoy), and Ivan (Snek) were also there for at least some of the day; and Jared and I joined Theo for lunch at TGI Fridays (THANK YOU Theo!)

Theo did get his car back again … he wrote on MINI2 I’m taking it easy so I haven’t explored much over 4500. The couple of times I’ve gone up that far have been quite promising. It’s amazing how smoothIy the torque builds and I do notice a good deal of torque coming on in the low/mid 2000 rpm range that seemed to be absent prior to the 210 upgrade.

2 thoughts on “MINI Peabody with Theo

  1. Just got around to reading this. Thanks to all who braved the weather!
    I’ve got 600 miles of run-in done and can’t wait any longer. The last three days have been great! Lots of 6000 – 6500 rpm shifting and big, ear-to-ear grins.
    The three best JCW characteristics I’ve favored are:
    1) The newfound low end torque;
    2) The supprising amount of torque upshifting from fourth to fifth at about 85 mph (caught a few folks on the road by suprise with that);
    3) The quiet airbox while driving around town listening to The Brandenburg Concerto and then the SC whine when I push it above 4000 rpm!
    Good stuff!

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