USA: 100,000 MINIs soon!

Decembers MINI sales were announced today:

Decembers total sales was 3,810, with 3,363 in November; the total sold in USA is just 3,368 shy of 100,000! So will the total break 100,000 in January? We will see …

Meantime, with 4,637 Convertibles in USA, they are becoming much more “common” – almost 5% of MINIs are now convertible 🙂

4 thoughts on “USA: 100,000 MINIs soon!

  1. Do these reflect minis delivered or minis ordered?
    You’ll notice that the cooper has outsold the MCS up until the last few months. If it were minis ordered, that’s why orders would start to come in for jan 05+ MCSes, which finally off automatic—which is why I would expect the previously greater sales of coopers.

  2. This is “sales” data. I suppose it could be “sales to the dealership” but I think it is real live actual sales to customers.

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