How far to your MINI dealer?

Regular readers will no doubt be aware that my local dealership, MINI Peabody, is not very far from me (20 minutes drive).
But recently, I shipped a MINI circuit to Anthony, and his Alaska zip code made me wonder how far away his dealership was – so I asked him …
The nearest dealer is in Tacoma, WA, about 2300 miles (by road). I bought my MINI from Momentum MINI in Houston, TX.
… there aren’t many MINI’s here in Alaska. Here in Anchorage, I have seen 8 different color combos myself, and have had friends report another 2 that I haven’t seen. Could be more than one of each color combo, so I don’t really know how many there are. The Owner Directory at lists 10 of us in Alaska, but 4 of those
aren’t near Anchorage and one is mine.
Of course, being one of a very few is part of the fun. When I was driving it up from Houston a few weeks ago, nobody really paid much attention to it, but once I got it here, I’ve gotten lots of comments!

My MINI circuit sales map also shows where MINI dealerships are located, but unfortunately it does not include Alaska in the map (a limitation of TIGER Map, it seems)
Definitely a couple of MINI circuit “dots” a long way from a dealership – but none can be as far as Anthony!
So if you think it is a long way to the dealership, just be glad you aren’t in Alaska 😉

4 thoughts on “How far to your MINI dealer?

  1. If it’s a good dealer I’d rather drive that distance than the 10 minutes that I drive Assael in Monrovia Ca…not really but almost.
    I bought my MINI S from a guy in Florida but mine was not a new car. Anthony, why did you buy a car way down there???

  2. I live in Eagle River Alaska, and I have been looking for mini’s in the area. I have seen 4. I just love them, but Can’t find a darn one for sale cause there are none!! ~ hahah For all you luck people who live closer to a dealer ship….what are you waiting for ??

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