Duck tears – I just can’t believe it

Posted on MINI2 tonight:
It is very sad for me to write this, but my father Edward, infamously known as MaxaMini has passed away … You all were very important to him, and the last years of his life were filled with many great adventures with many of you. He was so proud to be amongst your ranks and he was truly blessed with many fond memories of his time with you all. He will be missed but forever remembered …

I just cannot comprehend this loss. Ed contributed in so many ways to the MINI community that I am part of, famously paying for drinks in a pub during a MINI event, bringing antenna ducks for all MINIs at every event, and simply being a wonderful person to know.

Tonight, I don’t know what else to say.


4 thoughts on “Duck tears – I just can’t believe it

  1. Wow…

    I was fortunate enough to meet Ed briefly at MOT this year, and though I didn’t know him well I have come to learn of his value to and love amongst the New England MINI community.

    My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

  2. Never met the man but losing a loved one or friend is never easy no matter how much we prepare, it’s so finite. He didn’t seem that old, at least from the pics shown.

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