Herb Chambers MINI pickup

One final piece of MINIsOnTop 2005 happened this morning, when Theo took his son Colin to pick up the MINI Cooper that Theo won a two year lease of, donated by Herb Chambers.

Here is Colin packing up his new MINI, with MA Steve and Sales Manager Carrie (who coordinated the donation):

Theo tells me that the whole process went very smoothly and Carrie & Steve at Herb Chambers did everything to make an enjoyable experience. Both are aware that in the past, the reputation of Herb Chambers has been less than stellar – but all that is in the past and they are confident that any MINI owner purchasing their MINI or getting it serviced will have only the best experience.

I am quick with praise for MINI Peabody, my local dealership; I cannot praise Herb Chambers since I do not go there (right in the middle of Boston is not an easy location for me) – So any Herb Chambers customers out there, tell us how great they are now …

4 thoughts on “Herb Chambers MINI pickup

  1. I picked up my ’05 MCS (DS/B, aero kit, sport/premium, LSD, chrono pack, rear fog) in March, and Norm was my MA. He was cool, Azi the finance guy was nice, and the SA, Mark, has been great. Everyone is very knowledgable, and all the service guys have been really cool. I haven’t met Carrie or Steve, so no commentary on them. I’ve had good experiences with them so far. I’m in Cambridge, so they’re my closest dealer.

  2. Herb Chambers MINI in Boston, rocks! Our salesman, Rich Tran, made purchasing my 04′ MCS go super smooth and easily. Manager Carrie, and Rich have both been great to deal with. Rich stays in touch with us and keeps us up to date with any upcoming MINI events.
    All of the personnel at HC have been just the best!
    Mark & Chris in the service department go out of their way to go that extra step whenever we’ve had to make the trip from Maine to Boston for ANY type of service.
    We enjoyed MY MCS so much and had such a great experience at HC’s that 7 months later we had to have Rich order us another one for my husband!

  3. Hi Ever one!!!!
    Well here is my comment for Herb Chambers and their Mini Sales people. You will not find any where in the Mini world as nice,helpful and honest people as their sales staff, THUMBS UP TO YOU :-). Not only is it one of the best experiences we have had but now we have new friends 🙂 If you need your Mini worked on you will not find any more friendly,honest and qualified as the service staff at Herb Chambers. Thank you and you are number one in this book 😉
    Richard Jensen

  4. Richard & Julie – thanks for the comments.
    I plan to visit HC in the coming week to meet a friend having her car serviced; I hope to see firsthand just how great they are …

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