Love the people, as well as the cars

If there is one thing that came loudly out of what everyone had to say today in memory of Ed Smith (“MaxaMINI”), who died suddenly last week, it is love of people. Ed was a fabulous guy to know, he loved his MINI and his contributions to the MINI community are legendary. But he also obviously loved his wife, Mart, his family and pretty well every person he met.

At MINI events attended by Ed, you were almost certain to be greeted by him – especially if you had a child in hand, where Ed would magically produce a gift for them (and often for you too).
Such behaviour is just one reason why so many people remember Ed so fondly, and came to the memorial today.


After the memorial service, where we from the MINI community were privileged to share memories with Eds family & long time friends, a group of us managed to stay together on the busy roads long enough to make it to Chilis for dinner – it was a pleasant end to what surprisingly turned out to be a good day, just as Ed would have expected.

12 thoughts on “Love the people, as well as the cars

  1. Sorry I lost you all on those roads. Did Diane ever catch up..? I don’t even know who was behind me…
    A very moving service. It was good to see how all Ed’s circles of friends came together to celebrate him and support his family.

  2. Ian, It was nice to look over and see you there at the service. I felt you spoke for so many of us who did not have the strength to do so. Thanks.

    It’s always a wonderful day for me when it has included all of you that gathered today. The spirit of Ed’s generosity seemed to be in everyone who was there.
    Thanks Ian! Thanks everyone, especially that cute girl down at the other end of the table ;^)

  3. That’s a tuff one my friend.

    I lost a good friend about 12 years ago, 1800 people attended his funeral. Our instructor from Pasadena City College did the eulogy. He is still missed. I had my last joint, as Dean would have, with some others afterward. It’s never easy.

    Send ya pix from Nederland in the coming weeks.

  4. Although I have never met or chatted with Ed, I do know of him. Your coverage of his passing and other episodes that you’ve included him in, have been wonderful. I am really sadden that we lost someone like this.

  5. yeah, we saw Dianne on the way home on (correct me if I’m wrong) 495, she kinda stuck with us until we hit got off at Route 3… I kept trying to flash the radio at her to get her to turn hers on so we could chat, but I’m thinkin’ she didn’t have a radio that day…

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