Cool already at 4pm – bring sweaters! No MINIs yet.

The hotel is “adequate”, to my mind its room rate is not justified – who ever heard of a $250+/night hotel with no air conditioning!? And I have to pay $10 for Internet on top!
Apart from that, the room is comfortable and spacious, and the food tonight in the bar/cafe was good.

Tomorrow, we’ll have a tour of the area, then Thursday the “big event” begins 🙂

6 thoughts on “Arrived

  1. You have now entered the Terminatoors land, don’t talk to anyone named Sarah Conner or a little guy named Sully!


  2. We paid $250+ for no air conditioning recently… Mind you, it was in England and the exchange rate is terrible..!
    Have fun, I can’t believe it has come around already – where did the summer go?

  3. Heh… my wife and I stayed at the Hyatt a few months back and had the same response: $250 for no A/C AND another sawbuck for internet?

    When we checked in, we called the front desk, confused and bewildered that we couldn’t find the A/C controls. The helpful person at the other end of the phone informed us that the overhead fan was the only A/C. :-

    Nice property, though.

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