MINIs at the Hyatt Regency, Monterey

When Margaret & I woke this morning, there was some truck noise outside – when we headed for breakfast, I suddenly noticed the silvery bumper inserts of a GP on the back of one of the trucks, a vehicle transporter! Rushed back to the room and grabbed my camera:

Unloaded already was a big collection of MINIs, including one set up as “MINI Mobile Assistance” and obviously ready for MINI Takes The States next week; and a seriously tricked out, with fancy wheels, aero kit with silver grille (not seen that before!) and John Cooper Works carbon fiber rear spoiler:


I took loads of pictures of the GP on the truck and as it was being unloaded, but then I was spotted! Steve from MINI USA had a friendly chat with me and persuaded me to not post the pictures … UPDATE: but now that the event is finished, there’s are the pictures I took:


11 thoughts on “MINIs at the Hyatt Regency, Monterey

  1. No – there were only three on the truck. Not sure if they are for MINI personnel on MTTS, or if there are “overload” from the main batch presumably delivered to Laguna Seca …

  2. it’s obviously a GP event, but I wonder if they’ll have any ’07 models, given that they pushed the announcement up to earlier this week….

  3. Jordan – my thoughts too; I’ll be able to park GPMINI next to “pseudo GBMINI” and get pics soon!

    Peter – why “should have been” yours?

  4. Don’t really see why they won’t let you post pictures when the UK guys have their cars and have posted plenty of pictures…

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