MTTS ‘collectibles”

There’s heaps of “collectible” stuff during MINI Takes The States – if you don’t attend, you’re missing out!
Some of the stuff is freebies, included in the MTTS bag available at each days departure point – one of the nice things in it is the MTTS road atlas:

But there’s also stuff you have to pay for – the MTTS Tshirt, metal badge and keyring for example:

Finally for now, there’s the SCMM Tshirt I bought at the Barstow pitstop yesterday …

4 thoughts on “MTTS ‘collectibles”

  1. Ian – If you could see your way clear to buy one of each of those collectibles that come along, for me, I would be most appreciative and pay you back in New Jersey. Just swipe Gerry’s atlas when he is not looking ! 🙂 I am sure he’ll understand! Greetings to Tuls (one of the Fireball Time crew) – an ex-student of mine!

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