MTTS on Sandia racetrack – video

Here is a video of GPMINI on the track at Sandia; George & Jane in GP#0154 followed me and George did the video – sadly the camera didn’t pick up much of the engine sound (which was great):

No doubt people will say “wrong line”, “too slow”, etc … but I’d never seen this track before, had no tutor lap, and don’t want to damage GPMINI!

Many thanks George for the video 🙂

As a special bonus, here is a second (short) video – this time from outside as MINIs go down the main straight (the second MINI is Todds GP):

6 thoughts on “MTTS on Sandia racetrack – video

  1. Nice little Sunday drive. I know it’s been awhile since you used a manual but how is the gear ration? Not sure of the speed of the lap but no tire squeal leeds me to believe it was slow but from what I could hear it sounds very smooth acceleration wise.

    Tomorrow are ya gonna Pump It Up? Do you know if the GP has a governor, not that type, speed control? I found out today if I put the Dinan stage 1 software with my Dinan cold air box I loose the factory speed control which I don’t really think I ever had.

    LUCKY GUY! I should have done leg 1…. :¬[]

  2. I hit 70 on the main straight – someone else said they hit 90 …
    No governor on any MINI; just “air friction”!

    The gearing is the same as any ’05+ MINI, shorter first than pre-’05s and a big gap to second, with sixth running 3000rpm at 70mph.

  3. And the jealousy continues. I so wanted to keep on going…I could have went for a few laps ’round the track!

  4. Yeah, I was having to brake on the straight because of the blue MINI in front of me. 80-90 was my top speeds but the track was small. Needless to say I smoked some tires. : )

    Thanks for the video Ian!

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