MTTS day 6 – Texas, Ice Cream and a Car Wash

Today we drove in Texas – nowhere else, and we still are nowhere near getting out of it! Plus down here in Dallas it’s over 100 degrees and the traffic is suicidal … whoever thought to send us to Dallas was crazy!

Everything was calm this morning however, at the departure point in Amarillo:

On the road, I saw a tornado shelter, met with George & Jane again, and I was also caught by Mac & Leta, GPMINI fans who will get their GP later this year – so we all hit the Pumpkin Diner in Wichita Falls for lunch …

The three of us headed on south, to the MINI USA arranged ice cream stop – which was particularly fabulous because it was English “Mr Whippy” style ice cream from Mister Cool:

On the road once again, eventually reaching the second planned event, a car wash at Kwik Car Wash; of course you can’t take the GPs through a car wash, so we paid extra to have (very good) hand washing …

There was also a “tech inspection” arranged by Aaron Granger & crew – thanks guys!

And finally in to Dallas, with frightening traffic (repeated stops on the highway due to piles of people getting off last minute and jamming up the exits) – I was VERY glad to see the hotel …

I don’t think I’ll risk going out again to the evening event … I’ll be glad to exit Texas tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “MTTS day 6 – Texas, Ice Cream and a Car Wash

  1. Ian.
    Lovely to meet you and all your colleagues at the “Mister Cool” ice cream stop in Decatur TX. We had so much fun talking and laughing with everyone. Glad to hear you enjoyed the ice cream!!!
    If you know of any more photos of the truck please ask the photographer to email them to me. Thanks to you and everyone for stopping by.
    Hope you have a safe and happy trip.
    “Stay cool”!!!
    Graham & Barbara
    Mister Cool Ice Cream

  2. I think after you get outa Dallas, it’s gonna get a lot prettier on that end of the state.

  3. Hey Ian it was great talking to you about Sith MINI (the CR convertible with boot and bonnet strips, cordoba beige interior).

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