The economical GP

Of course GPMINI is designed to be the fastest (series 1) production MINI, with a boost in engine power over the JCW kit, improved aerodynamics with special aero kit & underbody panels, and reduced weight with no rear seat.
But I’ve also noticed that it is fuel frugal – which perhaps is logical; reduced weight and better aerodynamics should help fuel consumption as well as speed.

So for the last tank, driving through New Mexico & Texas and trying not to fall asleep, I had the cruise locked in at about 66 mph – except for last nights trip to Palo Dura Canyon.

After filling up in Santa Rosa, NM at 1644 miles, my next fill was in Iowa Park, TX at 2097 miles – a total of 453 miles on one tank, and I needed 13.17 gallons to refill the tank, so getting 34.4mpg!
I’m pretty sure if I’d stayed on I-40 for the whole tank, and not driven down (and up) Palo Dura Canyon, I would have got 500 miles from one tank!
Good results for an MC, let alone a JCW+ equipped MCS!

My new tank of gas will not be treated the same way – time to have some real fun behind the wheel (subject to the fact that tomorrows 450 mile drive is basically Texas interstate again) … I can at least accelerate to the speed limit quickly 😉
It’ll be interesting to see how much worse the next tank is – I’d still expect about 300 miles, just because it’s mostly interstate with little accelerating/braking.

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