GPMINI ready for winter

(if it ever comes!)

It seemed a bit silly having heated washer jets and snow tires installed on GPMINI today, with sun and 55 degrees! But supposedly it’s winter in New England so …

The heated washer jet retrofit (p/n 61 66 0 029 716) for some reason isn’t available from MINI USA – so I got it from MikeyTheMINI. Installation is quite easy – the jets are replaced, a wiring harness is added under the hood and wired back through the firewall to the fusebox in the driver footwell … The more important job was fitting snow tires to GPMINI – there’s no 18″ snow tires available, so I needed new wheels too. Initially I was going to use the 17″ S-lites but I just don’t like their look! So I paid extra to get 17″ bullet-spoke wheels … a much nicer look for GPMINI. The tires are Pirelli Winter 240 SnowSport 205/45R17 84V, and I bought MINI tire totes to keep the original wheels / tires nice.

So now we’ll see if it ever gets cold / snowy … but really I won’t mind too much if these snow tires get no use 😉

7 thoughts on “GPMINI ready for winter

  1. Yeah, I really like those wheels. Did you buy them new or used from MoP? New brakes this spring (hopefully) are going to dictate new wheels on Scrat.

  2. Joe,
    Both Gary & Bob were injured – so they worked together!

    I bought them new. the 17″ S-lites I debated were “take-offs” and much less pricey – but I paid extra for the looks 🙂

  3. I agree…the bullets look much better than S-lites. But they still look huge to me!

    I have tire totes as well and love them…but I didn’t know there was a mini branded version!

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