DPSM install in GPMINI

The GPMINI stereo saga continues ๐Ÿ™‚
Initially I tried just the Alpine HU; it improved the sound but I still wanted more (don’t we all!)
Next, I tried Dynamat and new door speakers but the Kicker speakers were awful and have been trashed.

Meanwhile, other GP owners have recommended MINIs DPSM (Digital Power Sound Module) system – if you search you can get it discounted up to 20% and at $1400 it’s not a bad price compared with equivalent aftermarket options, giving you new front component speakers, rear co-axial speakers, an 80W RMS x 4 channel digital amplifier, all the wiring for a “plug-and-play” install, and a fully stealth result – on a stock MINI at least!
So, I bought a system from MINI of Peabody and spent the last day or so installing it …

Installation is quite simple if you know how to pull the interior panels out of your MINI, you’ve had some basic stereo install experience, and you can follow directions.

I installed the new door speakers first, and they made a noticeable difference with the Alpine HU even before installing the amplifier …ย Next I ran the new wiring harness – behind the stereo you disconnect the original plug and put it into a socket on the DPSM harness; a new plug from the harness then goes into the stereo and the other end of the (long & heavy) wiring goes to the rear right of the trunk. No problem with my Alpine HU – the plug just goes into its adaptor instead of into the stock stereo. You do end up with some hefty plugs / wiring to hide away, but there’s easy space behind the glove box which you should remove during installation.

The DPSM amplifier installs in the space behind the access panel in the rear right of the trunk (same location as the H/K amp – but since DPSM & H/K are incompatible, that’s not a problem). The kit appears to use the H/K bracket, so you have to drill four holes in it for the DPSM, but then installation is simple.
The included fuse holder is impressively big; the one non-plug-and-play step is that you have to cut to length and connect the B+ cable from amplifier to fuse holder – this is because the same kit can do the MC (with battery in the front) or MCS (with battery in the trunk). Tightening the fuse holder was the one REALLY challenging task for me – it’s a very tight fit (which you want, to ensure no arcing).


Finally, the rear speakers … in a normal MINI it would be easy, replacing the original rear 6×9 speakers with the DPSM ones – plug & play again. But in GPMINI there’s no position for the speakers although luckily the stock wiring is present (needed since the DPSM runs speaker signals from amplifier up to the original stereo wiring connector, then uses the original wiring to get the signals to the speaker positions).
So … I made a couple of temporary speaker enclosures; and yes, believe it or not, I used cardboard boxes and duct tape!

Thankfully everything worked perfectly the first time when I switch on; all four speakers are working and there’s a LUDICROUS amount of volume available! My Alpine is rated 18W RMS and has a volume range of 0-35; I typically listened at between 11 and 15 depending on content.
With the DPSM I’m listening at around 6 – turning it up to the old range is already too loud; I can’t imagine the volume if I take it up into the 20s or higher …
Of course I’ve gone from 18W x 2 to 80W x 4 so there’s bound to be more volume – but there’s no loss of clarity. I’m sure you’d get similar results with the stock stereo which probably is rated around 15W RMS.

What next?
Although my cardboard speaker enclosures are working, they’re probably not the best ๐Ÿ˜‰ and they don’t look all that great (I suppose I could paint them!) … but I plan now to have a proper enclosure built, replacing the GPs storage-instead-of-rear-seats area.
I’m still going to have a couple of 6″ JL Audio subs put in there too. I don’t feel like there’s the same level of bass as there is in GBMINI (which has those same subs installed) – of course the rear speakers might do better in a real enclosure, but I also like having the ability to control the subs separately (the Alpine has a sub level output adjustment).
So … watch this space! And if you’re in the area, listen for me coming ๐Ÿ˜‰

8 thoughts on “DPSM install in GPMINI

  1. Ian:

    Finally – an audio solution! I like the cardboard speaker enclosures 8^] .

    I will have to take a listen to your setup or MisterMINI’s. Any idea which company makes the DPSM bits for MINI?

  2. Ian, nicely documented as usual. Do you know whether DPSM adds signal processing (delay and equalization) tailored for its configuration? If so, it may not become fully optimized until you have the rear speakers near the standard positions.

    The cardboard boxes cry out for you to cruise slowly down the street playing loud rap music with the windows open.

  3. Good point, Richard … there’s a switch that selects “surround mode”; it sounds little like “spatial” in the H/K but not as good.
    I’d guess there’s no sound manipulation when “surround” is turned off but I suppose there could be some delay.

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