Last Chance To See

This evening Margaret picks up her new BMW, and we leave behind both her old Audi and my ’05 MCSa! I haven’t needed two MINIs since I put winter wheels on the GP but I didn’t want to deal with private selling, so this way is simpler (and with the MA sales tax saving on the trade, I’m close to a no-win if I’d tried to sell, and it’s much less hassle).

However, it’s still a bit sad even though it’s sensible …

14 thoughts on “Last Chance To See

  1. Are you going to transfer GBMINI plates to the BMW, or can you reserve them for a future car? Somehow it just isn’t right, if not the real GBMINI is driving around with those plates.

  2. Ian, your experiences with GBMINI #3 are the reason I chose to get an MCSa. Very sad to see it go…

  3. So will become entirely GPMINI related now then, or will this side go dormant and the GP MINI blog will take over..?

  4. has always been about the “generic” GP, and not specifically GP0203 that I own … but it’s a good question Gavin, and one of the reasons that has delayed me switching to own just one MINI.

  5. I hope it goes to a well deserving home. Perhaps you can maintain visitation rights?

  6. UPDATE: GBMINI is now on the MINI of Peabody forecourt, at a rather expensive $20,900 (from the $16K trade-in I was given)!

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