13 thoughts on ““Sister Hoods”

  1. Gazing into my crystal ball: I see Rt. 128, and what’s this?….dueling Culls…wait a minute…is that a matched set of speeding tickets the jodhpured trooper is writing out?
    Uh oh, Margaret is going to kick your a55 on the commute!
    $10 says she’s in a helmet and on the track before next fall.
    Any takers?

  2. Hey – I’m in the GP! That’ll beat this overweight BMW 😉
    [remember it’s “only” the small 230hp engine!]

  3. Nice ride..! The roof’s amazing. Is there any space in the boot when the roof is open..? Does it have some kind of check to see if there’s something too big in the boot before it folds itself in, or is it a separated section..?

    Has Margaret signed up for the BMWCCA yet..? 🙂

  4. Funny stories ….

    If I still had BMWCCA membership, we could have saved some $$$ on the car (but I didn’t)

    I transferred stuff from GBMINI to the new BMW, putting it on a nice shelf to one side of the trunk. Turns out that’s where the roof arms hinge into – we thought it was broken already when it got stuck and wouldn’t finish lowering! Now I have a dented MINI journal!

    There’s a little space left with the roof down – enough for a briefcase, but not really enough of a slot to get that case in & out.

  5. I live in Rockport and driving home last night by Shaw’s, a new BMW convertible caught my eye – then it hit me, that might be Margaret’s new car! Was it you? If so, that new ride is a beauty!

  6. I hope you guys are happy with this down the road. Nice looking but I wonder…… Oh nothing, enjoy.

  7. We did do the “loop from home round through Rockport and back – so maybe it was us you saw 🙂

    RB, I’m tempted to delete that! People that say “oh well, you know … oh nothing” 😦

  8. Nice RIDE Margaret! Great shot of the two bonnets, Ian. And a metal auto-folding hood? Whew, classy. Where is this new Bimmer made? SC or Germany? What’s the vanity plate going to be? D-BMW? TOPDWN?

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