A new toggle switch panel

I took apart GBMINI#6’s center stack today, to install a new toggle switch panel:

Thus, no more empty toggle positions (although the front/rear fog switches currently don’t work); and I now once again have somewhere to install the (unique?) chrome toggle rings (which I removed from GBMINI#3 before I sold it) – of course, I took the opportunity to install an auto-up windows MINI circuit (another benefit of not owning an R56!).

I also checked the AUX input cable to the back of the radio, it seemed to be properly installed – but it still doesn’t work! 😦

5 thoughts on “A new toggle switch panel

  1. I noticed you have the “Auto” on. I have never been happy with it’s cycling unless I’m on the road for more than a hour. Then it seems to work well but around town, not so well. Maybe in colder climes it works better.

  2. The auto a/c functionality improved significantly with the re-designed unit that came out for the ’05 model year.
    I did not like the original unit in my ’02 MINI, and chose manual a/c in preference – but this in the ’05 convertible is reasonable.

    One thing about the R56 that was an improvement was the auto a/c – very intelligent and quiet!

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