When we visited Florida at the end of December, we weren’t only having a vacation … we also looked at a number of homes for sale, with a plan to purchase one as a second home!
Florida house prices are very low at the moment, so it’s a good long term investment – and of course having somewhere warm and sunny to go when New England is in the grip of winter will be nice 🙂

Anyway, we visited many homes, and eventually concluded that most were wrong for one reason or another … too near busy roads, pool north-facing so in shadow, too dark inside … but the last home we saw solved all those issues! The back of the home, where the pool is, faces south south east; there are skylights in the main living area, and it’s a quiet location!

The home has a total of four bedrooms and three bathrooms, with a nice master bedroom/bathroom, and is “open plan” with a large living area; the home is fully furnished and is zoned for short-term rental if we decide to do that … but for now, it’s just us! We completed the purchase today, and we’re flying down in the morning to spend a weekend there, and meet Brian & Angie from a management company who looked after the property for the previous owners, and probably will do the same for us …


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