But I thought it was a MINI …

I got a package in the mail, about GBMINI#6 … from BMW … it says “Congratulations on your decision to purchase a certified pre-owned BMW“:

Strange, but reminiscent of early days with GPMINI!

I spoke with Kerry at Herb Chambers MINI, and she’ll get corrected – it seems to simply be a matter of mailing out the wrong envelope, since the MINI dealership computers confirm that the car is CPO / MINI NEXT.

In a very vaguely similar vein, GBMINI#6 might have thought it was a Dodge today and not a MINI or a BMW! She spent much of the day at Herb Chambers Dodge in Peabody – I delivered her there this morning so that new “clear bra” protection could be installed; Kerry arranged for installation there to save my trip in to Boston:

Unfortunately things didn’t perfectly! The installer had been told the MINI was at Herb Chambers Chevrolet, so waited for the car-that-never-showed … eventually the Service Manager at Dodge tracked down the error and got the MINI to the right place.

But then, the hood part of the protection was apparently damaged so couldn’t be fitted – Kerry told me this but no-one at Dodge knew, so I got a call that all was done and assumed they’d got a fitted the correct part – but no … when I retrieved GBMINI#6, it was protected “below the belt” but still naked above! Hopefully, this will get finally sorted some time this week.

One thought on “But I thought it was a MINI …

  1. Seems there have been a lot of snafus, little misteps, at HC auto group? The Dudge next to you is a pretty colour, at least.

    My daughters Cooper had that protection stuff on it when I picked it up at MOP, didn’t care for the look. I took it off as soon as I got back to Ca. It had a dull look to it but I will say the paint was perfect under it.

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