Freddie & Frida

While I was at MINIsOnTop this weekend, Margaret decided that we had waited long enough, and visited the Cape Ann Animal Shelter, bringing home two year old brother & sister cats which she is calling Freddie & Frida (she had warned me she might do this …)
So far, Frida is a VERY jealous cat, affectionate but doing all she can to prevent us seeing Freddie – for his part, Freddie lives behind a cupboard!

My first view of Frida is of a concerned cat, wondering who the new visitor is!
June 28 - Freddie & Frida.jpg

I arrived with Dave from next door, and Michael – Frida was convinced they were still outside the bedroom!

Freddie is a scaredy-cat so far, hiding behind the cupboard … all I’ve seen of him is this:

Frida jealously guards the cupboard if we go near it, we’re not allowed to get close to Freddie (I think the two cats like each other, luckily!)

Guarding all night if necessary!

Hopefully in the next few days, I’ll be able to get better pictures of Freddie …

4 thoughts on “Freddie & Frida

  1. Congratulations!

    Looks like a typical shelter animal adjustment period. The sibling protection seems to be a great sign of the two of them having bonded well.

    What a cutie!


  2. Great. Can’t wait to see Freddie and even better, the pair together. Margaret, great choices!!

  3. I wouldn’t say that yet, Dad … hopefully they will become more “normal” cats in the days ahead!

    Theo, I’m still not sure if it’s “sibling protection” or “sibling abuse”! We separated them for an hour last night, and gave Freddie time to come out from the cupboard and stretch his legs …

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