MINIsOnTop 2009 round-up

Perhaps the best MINIsOnTop yet, great new hotel location, hilarious Trivia Contest, perfect weather at Loon, rain that visited but left us at the base of the mountain, and then on/off fog during the drive up just enough to make it interesting, and on top it was comfortable (50f), almost dry, and the clouds mostly stayed below us giving great views – especially when for a while they all rolled away and we saw the sun!

Thanks to New Country MINI, MINI of Peabody, and MINI USA, we had great get-togethers with good eats on Friday night (Ice-Cream), Saturday morning (breakfast) and Saturday night (snacks) – and thanks to Herb Chambers MINI we again had a beautiful MINI Cooper lease to raffle and raise money for our charities (also a nod to MINI of Fairfield County that joined us last minute, but brought a $250 donation!)

Most of all, many thanks to the great team of volunteers that make the event work as well as it does – Libby and the Cape Cod MINI folks running the Trivia contest, all the parking crew at Loon and the base of the mountain, Ivan and his DS’L team, Michael with his golden MC’ing, our perfect new team of donation coordinators Armen, Brian, Sarah, and Sheena, Norine and Carol who made the food service easy, everyone who works endlessly behind the scene (especailly Theo)
… and thanks to everyone that attended and enjoyed themselves, and made the event the fun that it was!

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Friday night Sundaes On Friday and Trivia Contest
Saturday morning breakfast
Loon Mountain Gathering
At the base of Mount Washington
Driving Mount Washington Auto Road
MINI owners On Top (capture from Mount Washington Observatory Webcam)

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