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I happened to visit the actual MotoringFile website today to see if they’d got the latest MINI sales figures; my first reaction was along the lines of “EEK!” related to the formatting of that site (the bold and fat headline font disturbed me!):

But formatting is personal (yes, Robert, I’m thinking of you), so no doubt lots of MF folks like it …

My second reaction was “oh, lots of stories I don’t remember” … Turns out, the Google Reader feed I set up were using the MotoringFile Clippings feed which they appear to not support even though they offer the link – so it’s not had stories updated since mid last year!

Oh well, so I’ve updated the Google Reader feed and it now includes recent MotoringFile stories. I wonder how often a website feed breaks like that? I suppose to some extent, MotoringFile actually doesn’t want me to use the feed, since then I don’t see all their advertising – but I would have expected a broken feed link to give an error, rather than just give many month old data.
Having the non-clipped feed from MotoringFile is a bit disappointing, since they have a habit of blasting a HUGE amount of copied-from-press-release-and-not-edited stuff into a post sometimes, but overall I prefer to read newer news even if it’s a bit of a flood.

4 thoughts on “Google Reader and MotoringFile

  1. I didn’t realize that feed was broken. I’ve gone ahead and deleted it. The whole point of the clippings feed was for other sites that wanted to publish headlines from MF on their site. But that notion is a bit antiquated these days.

    Oh btw – we have ads in the feeds too 🙂 The bills must be paid.

    Regarding the press release within posts… I’m honestly not sure how else we’d present press releases. We make it clear what they are (unlike others in the industry). I’ve toyed with separate feeds but that involves a lot of work within the theme and backend I currently don’t have time for.

  2. The “feed” world keeps evolving doesn’t it … I’d just prefer feeds that didn’t give me pages and pages of stuff when I just want to see a little more than only the title.
    It’s not just MF, the forum feeds for example do the same, which is awful when a detailer posts their enormous thread of before/during/after pictures to a thread (and then worse, repeats identical to MU).

    I guess it’s a limitation of the feed system, or of Google Reader, I’d just prefer to see an excerpt in the feed, and have the choice to go to the site link to see everything.
    Maybe I need a different reader!

  3. With Google reader, I scan headlines to see what stories I want to read. I understand what you are saying though. It would be nice if we could set what we want to see from each feed (full or excerpt) as a user.

    You might want to look at Times for the Mac. It’s very nice to look at and kind of does this, but it costs money. There is a trial period on it so it might be worth looking into.

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