If a tree falls …

Reminiscent of the philosophical riddle, but rather more serious when it happens next door! While our neighbors Joanne and Earle are away, we’re watching their house – I check for working heat and no flooding from the heavy rain, but never thought to check for fallen trees! But their son Jason came home and found it … Luckily, the tree almost completely missed the house, so little to no damage; maybe just some shingles need work:

We assume it blew down last weekend when we had big wind and rain.

2 thoughts on “If a tree falls …

  1. It is a good thing that we are at 8002! Jason handle everything. Tree is completely cleared away. Thanks for checking our house for us. See you Friday!

  2. I checked this morning, other than a few twigs on your deck you would never know that anything happened!

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