Downed Trees

Another result of the huge storm Thursday night, and the accompanying near hurricane winds, was that many trees blew down. By now, many have been cleared, but Margaret took me to a Gloucester cemetery where the damage remains very visible:

Thankfully, our home and those of our neighbours are un-touched – though many people in the area are still without power due to fallen Trees taking down power lines; here’s a snapshot showing electrical outages in the area right now:

For more about the storm effects in Gloucester, read this local newspaper article.

4 thoughts on “Downed Trees

  1. I came home yesterday and noticed a very large upper branch of a tree had split and fallen, but caught by the next tree just a few feet before damaging my roof. Lots of damage around here too, I just didn’t notice it till I got up to work yesterday.

    Walking home late last night, the parking lot of the hotel nearby was filled with over a dozen bucket trucks from various electrical and tree services…interesting to see how they mobilize to help out the areas that need it and must have stopped here on their way up.

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