Denver to Durango, the long way

Today we headed out from Denver to Durango, initially heading down US 285 South from Denver – a bit of a pain due to the road being single lane each way, but with passing places that enabled us to get ahead eventually of the cars that insisted on doing 40 on a 60 limit, and slowing to 20 around curves! A nice road though with great scenery …

Talking with Jim McDowell this morning, he’d said to be sure and drive through Ouray, and we realized that to do that we needed to switch routes – so we changed to US 50 and headed west over to US 550 – definitely great advice, as the road through Ouray and on to Durango is incredible!


3 thoughts on “Denver to Durango, the long way

  1. Its a great drive, some of my old stomping grounds and a great number of good drives in the area.

    ~1,200 miles down today for GP0509 setting in the garage waiting for a serious scrubbing and polishing. Think I should end up billing several states for the high number of kills on their insect population that coated the car.

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