MTTS bonus: Driving the Countryman

Huge thanks go to Jim McDowell (and Patty) for arranging for both Margaret and I to test drive the new Countryman this morning πŸ™‚

We had a chance to test drive an all-wheel-drive S model, though the all-wheel part didn’t have much function driving around Denver!

We were definitely driving a MINI! Yes, it didn’t have the performance of my GP, but it responded like a MINI, felt like a MINI, and looked like a MINI. But, with lots more space and comfort inside; very nice …

7 thoughts on “MTTS bonus: Driving the Countryman

  1. Hi Ian,
    Thanks for the write-up. I’m hoping you have a chance to test drive a 2011 MCS with the refresh in the near future and post your feelings. I thought you were spot on with your initial assesment of the R56 and would value your thoughts on the latest incarnation.

    Tom Petrosinelli

  2. I think that’s the first photo I’ve seen that gives a
    sense of the size of it by having a person in the shot. Thank you!

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