Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Since we’re not driving anywhere today, Margaret & I went out walking at lunchtime with our friends Sheila & Paul and their sons Matthew & Tom (no school today!); the original plan was to head down and over the river, but with even footpaths slippery we changed to a closer pub lunch destination. Lunch was fabulous – and the winter views were pretty specactular too!

5 thoughts on “Walking in a Winter Wonderland

  1. Last near your Gloucester neighbors went to Florida and it was the coldest winter there in twenty years. Two years ago they went to Las Vegas, and it snowed. The first snow in thirty years! Now you are in England and it seems like you are not having a normal winter. Maybe your New England neighbors are having an influence on you!!

  2. 66 and sunny at 6:00 pm at 8002!
    P.S. The tree is up at 8002 and there are lights on the hedges in front of the computer room. Very Pretty.

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