After driving South from Newcastle through horrendous traffic (only six miles covered in the first hour, lots of black ice the second hour), we got to the little village of Heckington; Kate (Margarets sister) and Chris recently bought this house (where Chris grew up) – but it needs LOADS of work to make it habitable, so for now they are living in a static caravan round the back!

Inside the house, some small indication of the work needed; and among the many items in the house, loads of model train stuff, including a huge layout (which I guess will have to be trashed!)


2 thoughts on “Heckington

  1. Was the train stuff in the house when they bought it? Looks like a lot of work to even get this place just to the I hope it won’t fall down stage.

    Glad you both are having a nice time in your homeland.

  2. You’re right, Robert.
    This house was owned by Chris Dad and where Chris grew up – he and his Dad built the train layout!
    But the house was not well cared for for a long time …

    If Chris didn’t buy it, I’m sure a developer would buy, clear and build loads of houses (loads of land for an English property) – Chris didn’t want that to happen so instead has the challenge of major renovation.

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