Addition re-construction #1

We are part way through some re-construction of our now 10 year old addition, with the goal to put a fireplace in to enjoy real log flames in the winter!
We began by having an outside window removed and filled, giving a new wall to move the TV to, and then the old TV wall became free to frame a fireplace and hearth!

You can see here the framed fireplace / hearth, and new TV location. The two seat sofa and chair in the foreground will eventually be replaced by a larger three seat sofa.

Moving the TV was tricky as all wiring including satellite cables were at the old position. Now it’s on an outside wall, drilling holes in the attic was impossible too due to the slope of the roof – we had to cut in to the wall from inside and drill up instead. We can get the hole filled later …


As if all this isn’t enough, we also are having air cooling installed – this filled half the old attic with an air handler / heat exchanger and the ducting, as well as a big compressor outside. We just need all the wiring done, before we can cool the house …

The last picture also shows the missing window – or doesn’t – between the new air compressor piping, and the gutter.

Hopefully there will soon be more progress …

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  1. There’s a guest bedroom if you ever want to visit the North … mind, there’s a guest bedroom down South too (though you know that!)

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