Cleaning out!

GPMINI spent the morning at MINI of Peabody today – in case she is still “up North” when winter comes, I wanted the coolant fluid replaced with something that will survive the expected freeze. I also wanted the mildew-smell from the interior air to go away …

Of course, both tasks were completed successfully – but it was quite a strange visit to the dealership today. Of course I knew Graham, Gary, Dave, Kevin, in service – but upstairs there was no-one I knew, in fact there was just about no-one at all at 9am!


So I wandered over to next door BMW Peabody and chatted with Vin for a while – and he happily gave me the keys to a 5 GT to take for a drive! And this could be a car to beat my Q5

Thanks, Vin!

4 thoughts on “Cleaning out!

  1. My local dealer just got bought by a large chain dealership in the NW, so far I am still really up in the air about that. Some of the feeling is gone from the dealership and it does in ways feel more plain. Trying my best to not make snap judgment and see if it improves over time. However was told that one of the first things they tried to do is make both the BMW side and MINI side where shirt and ties to work, luckily MINIUSA Rep convinced them otherwise.

    Just have to say your decades to young to drive the 5GT, that is one seriously odd vehicle. Glad BMW killed it.

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