Addition re-construction #3

We now have a chimney for our new fireplace! Dave and Mike came today to install a shiny long lasting stainless steel flue:


As I was mostly off work today, Margaret and I also bought lots of lumber and built a log store frame in the basement (which Margaret had cleared out earlier this week, so there was space!):

This is about 5’x4’x3′, giving almost “half a cord” of wood storage where it will be dry and easy to get, when winter fills the outdoors with snow …

One thought on “Addition re-construction #3

  1. Good idea on the log frame in the basement. Two comments though – put mouse bait under it before you fill it as I’m sure they’d love to next in there in the winter and you might want to put some exra supports in the base. It looks like you’re planning to stack the logs two deep and it looks like they might fall through the gaps unless you have a very wide fireplace / logs.

    Fireplaces in wooden construction still freaks me out though!

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