6 thoughts on “Five years ago …

  1. Hey Ian,
    Wow 5 years ago; Tammy and I are planning to take the GP out for an afternoon ride today and a trip to Monterey this weekend.
    Hope all is well with you all.

  2. Dean,
    great to hear you and Tammy still have the GP – say “hi” to Monterey 🙂

    It’s crazy, DB, isn’t it – already five years … what a lot of fun we’ve had, thanks to MINI USA

  3. Wow, that was a great weekend for me though I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to get a GP. I did start my MINI odyssey though with LTZMTOR now TwistyBitz. Times have changed for the whole MINI experience but those of us who still are here it’s been fun.

    My GP experience came years later why you allowed me to drive it from Florida to LA for the start of the last MTTS… man what a car!

    Also wanted to thank all the GP owners who bought Tshirts for me, that original GP shirt I still get requests for.

    Gad… is that Barry I see in the back of one of your photos!

  4. Very cool for sure Ian, amazing that even 5 years later the car still fires on all cylinders of my mind and passion! One thing that I was discussing with my wife the other day after seeing a very early R50 was just how strong the design was. If you sit back and look at other cars made around 2000 so many of the designs feel dated and old. The GP (along with the rest of the even earlier cars) feels like they could have come from the dealerships today.

    A very happy 5 year birthday to the GP, what I consider to be the best product from MINI still to date.

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