Galapagos 2021 day 1

An early start, leaving Quito to fly to the Galapagos Islands; there we were met by some of the crew of the Royal Galapagos Cormorant 1 which would be our home and transport for the next week! Arrival allowed us to check out the beautiful and spacious cabin, and then it was lunchtime – a continuing theme, as we were regularly and well fed while on board! After lunch, our Galapagos guide James presented the afternoons activities …

Our afternoon activities then were a gentle introduction to our week, being taken to a nearby beach (maybe an hours cruise from where we were picked up at the airport), for a gentle walk on the beach where we mostly saw crabs (“Sally Lightfoot Crab”) and iguanas …

Finishing our day with a lovely sunset (and dinner, of course)!

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