2019 – A year in a slideshow

Similar to my 2009 picture every day video slideshow, I’ve sequenced my 2019 picture every day into a video slideshow (and using the identical theme music for the same 20 minute play time). If you prefer individual photos, see the previous post.

Here’s the 2019 picture every day video slideshow, hosted on YouTube:

(I’ve also uploaded a compressed version to MargaretAndIan, in case YouTube ever removes it!)

In case you want to compare, here’s the 2009 video slideshow also on YouTube:


2019 – picture every day

Back in 2009 I set myself the task of taking (and posting to MargaretAndIan) at least one photo every day – it was quite hard as the year went on, finding something interesting every single day, but I did do it, and I finished the year by putting all 365 photos into a single post and then also creating a 20 minute video slideshow sequence!

Ten years on I decided to try and do the same, taking at least one photo every day through 2019 – but I didn’t commit anything to MargaretAndIan (since there’s few viewers these days, what with FaceBook etc), and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to keep doing it, what with working from home eliminating the commute, living in Florida eliminating wintry photos, etc … but I did do it anyway.

Just like 2009, I’ve put together this post of every photo I took (each photo captioned with date and a description); there’s also once again a video slideshow sequence, which I’ll put in the post after this one …

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