Chasing the eclipse

After leaving Charleston and staying close to I-95 overnight, we headed to Branchville, SC where we’d read it was a recommended but quiet viewing town – but the clouds looked bad and getting worse, so Margaret chose to relocate us to Norway which turned out to be a perfect choice giving us not only clear skies throughout the eclipse, but also a chance to do laundry – and a great lunch stop!

The eclipse was even more amazing than we’d imagined, and I’m very pleased with some of the photos I took (especially considering they are all hand-held / no tripod) … amazing too was how it really didn’t get dark till just a few minutes before totality!


Charleston and the Tea Plantation

We’ve visited Charleston once before but it was a quick overnight stop – this time we spent a few nights here; coincidentally staying at the Harbour View Inn directly opposite where we stayed on the first visit! This one is a nice hotel, very close to the water with a comfortable room and a good spread of afternoon snacks in the lobby with open view through the floors up to the glassed over roof – and from our room, view of the water, and fountain:

We took a few walks around Charleston, admiring the many huge homes along The Battery (we’d seen them years before too, but worth seeing again!)

Returning, we walked through town and admired the post office as well as other buildings:


Another day we drove out to the Charleston Tea Plantation, quite interesting …


A nice break, before all our travel for eclipse chasing!


The very beginning of Stanton Estates construction

Alerted by Joe, we headed to Stanton Estates at lunchtime to see the first actual progress on our new home! It’s a very small step forward but it’s the beginning for sure. Dirt has been added to the lot to raise it for drainage, and the “footprint” of the home has been sculpted. In the final picture, Margaret is standing where the front door one day will be:

The next steps hopefully also beginning this week will be forms for the footings, and then plumbing (which is buried in the dirt, in / under the eventual concrete slab that will be the base of the home).


Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes …

(and with David Bowie coincidentally playing in the background – though Starman instead!)

I noticed recently that the Google Street View of where our new home development is, had a “time travel” feature that shows views from the past – 2007, 2011 and 2015. I took a “now” picture of the same spot, and used this website to create an animated GIF sequence. It’s interesting to see the trees growing over the years (until they’re all chopped down, of course!)

Stanton Estates 2011-2017
Stanton Estates 2011-2017


Here’s each individual picture: