Iceland 2017 glaciers and icebergs

Traveling in Iceland we almost always saw distant snow-capped mountains; when closer we could see “snow rivers” rolling down the sides – glaciers of course, like this one:

One highlight during the week was a trip on to a glacial lake; the distant glacier delivers both meltwater to create the lake and broken off icebergs that drift slowly out of the lake and to the ocean – where many then wash up on the beach. Stunning views in every direction:

Later still, we took a hike ONTO a glacier. This was quite a strange experience, with the hard packed and dirty glacier snow looking and feeling more like rock than ice – but with regular cracks and crevices to remind you that the ground isn’t as safe and secure as it looks …

Roof and pool at Stanton

Our first visit to our future home in two weeks, and there’s been some changes! Hinted by pictures a few days ago, there’s now the beginnings of a pool in the back – and it’s very clear now how squeezed in the pool/deck will be, because of the too close fence!

The roof structure of the house is completed now, including the second story roof over the eventual office – and the huge balcony:

And there’s a start on the house to our right, though still nothing to the left …