Wyoming 2019 – Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, and more hot springs

We knew that the north rim drive of Grand Canyon of Yellowstone gets busy so got there early and were once again treated to amazing views; a steep walk takes us right down to one of the impressive falls, and later viewpoints allow looking back to the falls through the canyon:

It’s hard not to be impressed in Yellowstone; we drove and soon stopped again for more geothermal views including a “dragon cave” (where the heat rises inside the cave and we just see steam pouring out!); the energy pouring constantly from some of these features is simple baffling!


Wyoming 2019 – Lamar Valley with Bears and Bison

Also an easy drive from the north entrance of Yellowstone is Lamar Valley where we headed next. On the way we stopped at Petrified Tree and were treated with our first views of Black Bears! On our way up rangers kept us away from the Bear by having us walk the other side of the path (as if that extra six feet would save us!); on the way down there were now two Bears …

Driving further into Lamar Valley we spotted many Bison, including a couple right against the roadside … and amazing rock formations from volcanic events too!

Then, another traffic jam and another Black Bear, this time really close to the road for great photos (also a family of American Badgers), and more stunning vistas!


Wyoming 2019 – Bison Jam and Mountain views

Our drive was halted for a while when a herd of Bison near the road attracted traffic, and eventually chose to cross the road between cars (they seemed smarter than some people, checking for stopped traffic before crossing!); very up close to one Bison that crossed in front of our car!

After that spectacle, we continued driving north eventually into Montana (our next stop) just beyond the north gate of Yellowstone. More geothermal features, more mountains, more incredible scenery …

Wyoming 2019 – Middle & Lower Basin

Driving north once more, we reach the Middle Basin (with famous Grand Prismatic Spring) and Lower Basin (with Fountain Paint Pot); the cold weather made for so much steam from the hot springs that our view and photos were nowhere close to the famous images – even walking up to the recently added Grand Prismatic Spring view; but still the area is beautiful and snow on the Bison added to our day!