Happy Christmas GBMINI

After the awful state GBMINI was in earlier this week, covered in salt, dirt and other yuk, I had my chance to wash it today – temperature (just) above freezing and no (more) rain for a day or so; as well as a wash for christmas, I recently installed Trico Innovision wiper blades that resists snow and ice clogging – last year I regularly had to twist the stock wiper blades to clear ice build-up in the framing; I hope this year that won’t be a problem.

So far, they performed perfectly in Mondays snow and Tuesdays cold, and did well in the recent rain; although they don’t seem to hold down to the glass quite as well as the stock blades, when travelling at speed. More testing needed!

GBMINI recently received two holiday cards – one from MaxaMINI and one from Eric & Dee:

Eric & Dees gift is a “GBMINI” window decal, which I have not yet decided where to stick – it seems they very generously gave similar gifts to many CooperSpeed members – thanks guys!
MaxaMINI cut out a GBMINI pic from one of my “business” cards, and stuck it to a picture from a theater playbill; very cute – thanks Max!

And with that, I wish Happy Christmas to all MINIs and their owners 🙂

10 thoughts on “Happy Christmas GBMINI

  1. I got the same wipers for my Miata. But they tend to chatter and skip at low speeds. Perhaps I should try the wipes that was included in the package.

  2. I did use the wipes before I fitted them, and I have not had any chatter/skip – but they have only been fitted a couple of weeks.

  3. I switched to Anco winter blades and they too, don’t hold to the glass as well as the stock ones at speeds >40 mph or so. I’ve also noticed they don’t clear well at the junction of the two blades, towards the top of the screen.

  4. Where did you pick them up? I had a similar setup on my old gti, but VW called the Aero Wipers. Does the sizing you have work nicely (18″ 14-180)?

  5. I got my Trico Innovision wipers from PepBoys; they had a stand with lots of sizes, and the guy said they had been in a couple of weeks and I was the first to buy them!

  6. I don’t have the snow & wiper blade problem but I do have a question about washing your car.
    When it’s that cold do you have to put anything special in the water so it will not freeze? Do you need to wear some sort of hand protection? Can you only wash indoors? Is there a special cleaning procedure for removingroad salts, I presume they still use them, and do under-coatings really work?
    Living in SoCal I have never experienced those temps and find even washing my car in 40º temps a bit painful.
    Also, has anybody had this experience with the stock MINI blades…they only last about 1 year?

  7. Ian,
    What is that device that is attached to your cowling between your blades? It seems to have a wire going under the window rubber.

  8. The “device” was a Sirius Satellite Radio antenna which I have recently removed and junked. I did not want the antenna on the roof, and that location was as good (or bad) as any.
    When I wash GBMINI in the cold, I use warm water for the soap bit, when my hands are in closest contact with the water, but for the drying I just suffer (then have a good long hot shower to warm up again!)

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