Christmas 2013

Our second Christmas in Florida, but our first where Florida is our only home! Happily everyone knew where to send Christmas cards. Lots of presents too, including comic annuals that Margaret brought back from England for me! And I got Margaret a lovely Winnie The Pooh & friends picture, which one day can go on the wall of our new home …


We also did a full British style Christmas dinner, with chicken, stuffing, roast potatoes, yorkshire puddings, brussel sprouts … and when we’re a bit less full, some of Margaret’s pavlova for dessert!


Two into one

Our furniture from 42 Gee Ave arrived today in a big truck (only a small part of the truck had our stuff!); we’d cleared one guest room, and left space in the garage, but it’s still surprising how full 8002 now is, with two homes of stuff! Even the fridge is covered:

While Margaret has managed to pack two kitchens into one, and is working on the clothing (though our closet here is much smaller than our old one), there remains a good store of belongings and furniture that will likely remain boxed till we move to Independence