2-1/2 years of change

When we purchased our home at Stanton, of course I took lots of photos and one was of the front including the garden …

Yesterday I took a photo from just about the same position, to give a comparison of how the front garden has changed:

The trees have grown a lot; the agave plants came from a neighbor that didn’t like them. The biggest changes are to the left of the palm where Margaret has done loads of planting; a bit hard to see from this angle.

Space X launch video

A different experiment today, trying to record video of the Space X launch. It’s 60 miles from Winter Garden to the launch site, so even a little bit zoomed in you’re looking at a tiny bright dot in the video!

Watch just above the palm fronds bottom middle, you should spot the tiny bright dot after a few seconds – it will slowly travel up left, with a smoke trail appearing at one point …