Toy Story Land

Our first visit to Toy Story Land at Disney Hollywood Studios – it’s a very nicely themed colorful area, but with long lines for the new (slinky dog roller coaster and alien spinning) rides so we didn’t try them – but we did have a fast pass for the (older) Toy Story Mania, and it was so much less busy that we got on three times within half an hour! Took lots of colorful photos, too.

We also watched The Little Mermaid show, and the new Dumbo movie trailer (which made it even less likely we will bother watching the full movie!) – and stayed for the spectacular but hard to photograph Star Wars “fireworks” which is much more a lighting show and photo story sequence, than a traditional fireworks …

Animal Kingdom Safari on a good day!

Today seemed to be a particular good Africa Safari drive at Animal Kingdom! I took my high zoom camera which certainly helps capture better views – but there were many animals about and easily visible, too. Our driver seemed better than some as well, pausing enough for me to get quite a few good shots, though some animals (Mandrills, Cheetah, for example) are always hard to see!


Beyond the safari drive, we saw Kevin (from “Up”) and also walked the Africa and Asia trails for more animal views …


We finished our Animal Kingdom trip with lunch at Sanaa (we’ve not been for nearly two years!), which meant more chances to see animals in the savannah between the hotel buildings …

Tree Swallows

We’ve had a LOT of tiny insects in the air the last few days – cooler weather seems to encourage them to fly up from Lake Apopka (I think they are midges / “blind mosquitos”); today flocks of Tree Swallows have arrived, flying every direction and catching all the insects – Hooray!

I tried to capture some photos and video, but it’s really hard with the birds changing direction so often; here’s my best attempts: