Roof and pool at Stanton

Our first visit to our future home in two weeks, and there’s been some changes! Hinted by pictures a few days ago, there’s now the beginnings of a pool in the back – and it’s very clear now how squeezed in the pool/deck will be, because of the too close fence!

The roof structure of the house is completed now, including the second story roof over the eventual office – and the huge balcony:

And there’s a start on the house to our right, though still nothing to the left …


Roof framing at Stanton

Construction work over recent days gives an indication of how big our new home really is – it is smaller than where we live now, but because it’s mostly on one floor the actual footprint is bigger and it turns out that means lots and lots of roof construction work! They started last Thursday and it’s probably going to be a full week before they finish. Meanwhile here’s some early and ongoing progress photos from Thursday and Friday last week:

By the end of Friday, the main expanse of roof framing over the single story was in place, and a little of the construction of the second floor “office”.

Yesterday and today there’s been a lot of progress on the “detail” roof framing, for example above the entry porch, and the roof framing is mostly covered now. The second floor walls, and upstairs rear balcony, have progressed, but there’s still no roof framing on the second floor …


Block walls at Stanton

While Hurricane Irma did slow construction for a week, Jones Homes are back now and doing rapid work on our new home! Yesterday lunchtime we visited and took a few pictures – at that time the block walls were about half height on two sides …

This evening we returned, and it looks like almost all of the actual house block walls are completed!

The front porch is started, but there’s more work to do there – and the back porch isn’t complete yet; but it’s impressive how fast all this work was done!

UPDATE: next evening, all the block work is finished, including all the front structures: