Wild Florida Safari

Today, for Margaret’s birthday, we drove a while south to Wild Florida and drove their safari (twice!); for the low price of entry it was a surprisingly nice drive with a great variety of animals to see, almost all quite visible and easy to photograph (with a powerful zoom lens, at least). Margaret and I both took photos, and on the two drives through took turns behind the wheel, so we both enjoyed good views on either side of the car. Here’s loads of photos!

There’s a separate part of Wild Florida that offers airboat rides (which we didn’t do) as well as small animals in cages, and lots of ‘gators – including feeding! That area isn’t as nice as the drive-through safari, but we did take a few photos there too …

2-1/2 years of change

When we purchased our home at Stanton, of course I took lots of photos and one was of the front including the garden …

Yesterday I took a photo from just about the same position, to give a comparison of how the front garden has changed:

The trees have grown a lot; the agave plants came from a neighbor that didn’t like them. The biggest changes are to the left of the palm where Margaret has done loads of planting; a bit hard to see from this angle.