Tiber Butler after rain

For a change from our regular Oakland Nature Preserve visits (and because the boardwalk is being renovated there), we headed for the further away Tibet Butler Preserve. As we arrived a big rain storm joined us, so we sat in the car for 20 minutes or so, then sheltered in the main building, before finally the rain ended and we were able to take our walk – with a lot of puddles to avoid!

A nice walk, with some interesting views (like the pea-size galls on many Oak leaves, and the Sulcata tortoise kept by the building (the signage says it was a pet but outgrew the owner!) …



Margaret recently purchased a filter for one of our bathroom windows, to add some privacy from outside – it has a rainbow effect design and the patterns it makes on the floor in the morning (when the sun shines straight through) are really nice!



Meanwhile at the end of the day, the setting sun reflects into our master bathroom and at this time of year aligns with the vertical edge of the shower glass screen, producing another beautiful rainbow on the inner tile wall:



Nature can be very lovely!