Back to Oakland Nature Preserve

After a (long!) coronavirus “lockdown” (for us further extended by our own choice because of traveling home from ‘Vegas back in mid March), Central Florida is beginning to open back up, with a number of downtown restaurants re-opening at reduced capacity – and happily some places for us to go walking that are more than just downtown (which we’ve walked a LOT – here Orange County we were always allowed to go out for exercise walks).

So yesterday, our first trip for a while, to nearby Oakland Nature Preserve; the parking lot was busy but we saw few other people – lots of walking space there I guess! Here’s some pictures …


Garden flowers

There’s a whole huge lot of not going anywhere / not doing anything these last few weeks (with lots more to come!), thanks to the coronavirus situation … Margaret has been making our front garden ever more pretty so here’s a colorful view from today:


Stay safe, everyone.